Make this Rose Day your Propose Day : Valentines Day Gift

Do you know our exclusive gifts can make your Rose Day your Propose Day. The old world charm of romance is fading out in the era of social media networks. Poems, love notes and other accessories that characterized the romance of millennial couples have now given way to instant messaging and sharing or liking each other’s posts on Facebook.

Rose Day Gift Ideas

At heart, everyone likes their love story to be unique, something different and completely out of this world! You have a chance to make it happen in your life! Dump the digital world of love and embrace the old school way of proposing to your beloved. You have a wonderful opportunity to do that next week when Rose Day (on 7th February) and Propose Day (on 8th February) come calling.

It is not difficult to do something new this year and surprise the person of your dreams. Though we are asking you to ditch the digital medium, we are only talking about proposing the old way. We are not really telling you to go out of your way and do something drastic! You can still do this different way of expressing your love by sitting in front of a computer.

Confused as to how you can go back in time despite not leaving the comfort and convenience of using the computer? That is exactly what UAE Flower does for: combine the best of both worlds! On one hand, you have the ease of ordering gifts for your beloved from your home or your smartphone, you also have the added advantage of doing something so different from everything that people around are doing. It is a wonderful position to be in as the Valentine’s Day comes closer.

This Rose Day, check out the special section on UAE Flower. Pick up a rose flower bouquet or a bunch of fresh and colorful roses. Then, write a moving, beautiful message to go along with this gift. Have the entire package delivered to your chosen one’s address on Propose Day. Our delivery team will surely deliver it to the desired address on the concerned day itself. When your love opens the package and finds the lovely flowers along with an equally lovely message, your romance takes on a whole new turn for the better.

Try it out this week and convert your story of proposing to your beloved the stuff of legends! In a world where moments are so fleeting and temporary, here’s your chance to capture the essence of your romance for eternity.

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