Celebrate Love this Valentines Day with UAE Flower

Celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day. It is quite a common rumour that Valentines Day was blown up, probably even created out of thin air, by overzealous greetings card companies to sell products and services! An insane amount of people actually believe in this hypothetical theory and shy away from anything to do with the day. Despite strong tugging in their heart to celebrate the day like countless others, they are full of cynicism and negativity, much of it manufactured to fit the cliché of a romantic who hates Valentine’s Day.

Why bother about the tag on this day? Why not celebrate the day as a Day of Love, no matter what the name tag says? In our daily busy lives, we rarely get a chance to acknowledge the support and care of our partner. Nor do we remember to say the three magical words of love, I Love You! It does not mean that you feel love fading away from your life. If an excuse is what you are looking for to tell your partner how much you love and care, this is the day and time, to do it.

Gifts as expressions of love have been the norm since centuries. It cannot be something that a product seller comes up within the modern era! On the contrary, thanks to websites like UAE Flower and their wonderful section on Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers, chocolates and other mementos, you don’t need to take pains to pick up an ideal gift for the day. Even some years back, couples hit the shops well in advance to buy something for their beloved. Today, a few clicks on the smartphone and the gift package is delivered to the doorstep.

A much-used excuse of many who forgot to buy gifts or something special for their special someone is that they forgot the date! V Day baiters also fall in the category. Have you noticed how advertising blitz on the days preceding February 14 actually works to remind you of the day coming up? It is like the birthday reminder on Facebook! You could prepare and browse around for a gift mainly because the ad campaigns reminded you of the impending day. How can you then turn around and label the campaign as mindless advertising noise?

The argument for and against the day will continue for eternity. Instead of squandering away a date that can glow like a lamp in the darkness, seize the moment and the excuse of the date to celebrate love, and the feeling of being in love.

This blog is written by UAE Flower, a leading online florist in UAE with more than 10 years of experience of delivering valentine’s day gifts, valentines day flowers, anniversary and marriage gifts to UAE etc to various cities in UAE like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman etc.


Dec 7, 2021